Tips For Training Memory Systems

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Expecting to get quick results and break world records without willing to put in the efforts to practice the basics is like building a skyscraper without a solid foundation. Not a wise thing to do! It is impossible to get to the next level and stay consistent without mastering the basics. There is no quick fix. […]

Converting Poker Cards Into Images

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Memorizing decks of poker cards in order and recalling them is one of the most fun, interesting and intriguing events of a memory championship. The current official world record for memorizing an entire deck of cards is 16.96 seconds and I know people who are doing it in under 14 seconds already!  Isn’t that CRAZY? […]

Encode Binary Digits Into Images

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    The easiest way to memorize binary digits without going crazy is to convert them into your good old major system images. But to be able to do that, you will have to encode the binary digits into numbers first.  Every possible three digit combinations of binary digits are assigned a number from 0 […]

Two Digit Major System – Images

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Major system is a very versatile system. It can be used for memorizing a lot of different types of data, especially involving numbers. I am sharing a basic two digit major system for numbers from 00 – 99. These are based on the Phonetic Number System from the previous article. Learning these accurately will help a […]

The Phonetic Number System

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Converting everyday information into images, making stories and visualizing them in your most used journeys might seem easier when compared to encoding numbers into images and repeating the process. But converting numbers into images can also be as easy and fun with the help of a mnemonic technique called The Phonetic Number System or The […]

Method of Loci

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We all memorize and store a gazillion different things in our brains. But sometimes when you try recall a certain thing, all you end up with is a blank. You know it is there. You just can’t recall it at that moment. The tip of the tongue phenomenon. We all have this problem. We need […]