Method of Loci

We all memorize and store a gazillion different things in our brains but sometimes when you try to recall a certain thing, all you end up with is a blank. You know it is there, You just can’t recall it at that moment. The tip of the tongue phenomenon. We all have this problem. We need a cue to lead us to the information. Just like we need a handle to pull out the drawers. Organization is not just a thing for our surroundings and work, but our brains as well. The Method of Loci, also known as The Journey Method or The Memory Palace is a visual filing system for organizing the information in your brain.

This technique works by linking the information or stories, in the case of memory sports, with a place that is very familiar to you. It could be your home, college or work place or the routes you travel everyday. The effectiveness of this technique is directly proportional to how good you are at visualizing images and linking them. Visualization is a skill and it gets better with training. Have a list of 20 locations each in a journey that can be used for linking a series of scenes/stories to memorize them in order.

Start by picking a familiar place like your home, visualize a series of locations in their logical order. Begin at the gate or the front door of your place and make your way through the entire place in a single direction, clockwise or anti-clockwise.  While each piece of furniture or appliances can serve as a location, avoid choosing similar things like chair 1, chair 2 and so on. Create a mental journey through this route and visualize each location and number them in your mind. This must always be in the exact direction that you choose.

Method of Loci


Create about five to six distinct journeys of 20 locations each. You can start with your office, friend’s house, grand parents house and so on. Now try to link and visualize an image or a story to each location and move on to the next. The number of images in each location varies from person to person. The ideal number of images would be two to four images in each location.  To recall the information, make your way through the journey in your mind and there should be an image or a story waiting for you to decode it back into its original format.

Now go Sherlock it and let me know how it goes!! 🙂

Happy Neurons!!

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