Hey Guys,

This is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time, And the time has finally come! A lot of you have been pouring my Inbox with questions and queries about memory sports and training for the national championships in particular.

I know that there are not many resources available that are dedicated to this and it is also very expensive to get a personal trainer. I understand that it is hard to figure out how to get started all by yourselves.



So, I have decided to blog and share each and every detail of the techniques and training tips that I have been using all these years!

No Mandatory Registrations. Subscriptions. Fees. And No lengthy articles that talk about history and everything under the sun! I tried to keep as simple and straight to the point as I could.

There will be a new post on every MONDAY and THURSDAY up until the Indian Open Memory Championship that is scheduled to be held on 15th October, 2017.


Dedicating this to my coach Dr. Kranthi Raj Thatikonda, It is because of him that I could achieve all my gold medals for India. It is our dream to see the Indian Memory Sports Team grow in size and standards. I hope this helps some of you start your journey in this field!

Wishing you guys all the luck and the happiest neurons!! Get Started Here!!