Memorize Spoken Numbers – 10 EVENTS

Spoken Numbers is one event that has the power to send chills down every memory athlete’s spine at some point of training. It is daunting and unforgiving but also the most exciting and fun event once you a get a hold of it. Randomized digits are broadcasted via a software program and good quality speakers in English (e.g. 1, 5, 4, 8, etc.) at a speed of one second per digit. The task is to memorize as many numbers as possible in the exact order starting from the first digit.

Trial 1
Memorization: 100 seconds

Recall: 5 minutes

Trial 2

Memorization: 300 seconds

Recall: 15 minutes


1 point for each correct digit up to the first mistake.

The best score among two attempts is taken into count.


Before worrying about how many images to put in a loci, It is important to get used to listening numbers and converting them into your major system images. Any kind of lag in recognizing or converting a single digit can screw up the entire sequence. Spend some time just recognizing every two digits and visualizing their image. Once you feel comfortable enough in converting the digits into a few images without missing a digit, move on to the next step.


One Image per loci – Practice dropping each image in a location and quickly move on to the next location, wait until you visualize the next image, drop it and move on to the next. Make sure that the images are unusual and vivid enough and that you visualize it properly.

Two Images per loci – If you feel you are able to process one image per loci at a speed that is comfortable enough for you to squeeze in recognizing another image, try linking two images and dropping them in a loci. This will make the association stronger and you will always have a cue to retrieve the previous or next image! To make linking faster, you can assign some pre-made actions or associations for each location.

Start training here –  Art of Memory Spoken Numbers

Happy Neurons!!

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