Memorize Random Numbers – 10 EVENTS

Every National Standard Memory Championship, be it a one day or a two-day event, has two random numbers events. The task is to memorize and to recall as many random digits as possible. There will be 40 digits in each row and the number of rows presented depends on the current world record + 20%.

Speed Numbers
Memorization time: 5 minutes.
Recall time: 15 minutes.

Random Numbers 
Memorization time: 15 minutes.
Recall time: 30 minutes.

random numbers


Correct Row: 40

One error in a row: 20

Two or more errors in a row: 0

Blank row: 0

Last row (all correct but incomplete): Number of the digits

Last row (incomplete and with one error): Number of digits divided by 2

Last row (incomplete and with two errors): 0


The ideal number of images to link in each location depends on what works the best for you. It can be anywhere from 2 images per location to 4 images. Try memorizing one row with 2, 3 and 4 images and see which works best for you.

Some Athletes prefer having many journeys and limit the number of images per location for better speed and accuracy, While some prefer linking more images in a location so the number of journeys needed is cut off.

Once you finalize that, Convert each row of 40 digits into 20 images using the two-digit major system. Link the images with each other and the entire story to the location and keep repeating until you’re done memorizing the row.


There are two common review strategies that athletes use – Review each row after memorization or Memorize your target number of digits and review it all at once.

For 15 minute random numbers, you can apply the same strategies or divide your target rows into parts, review each one after memorization and plan enough time left in the end to review it all over once again.

Time yourself, set an achievable target and keep pushing for it. Make sure there are no recognition errors and no locations being skipped.  Make sure you are putting in enough efforts for the images to stick. Do not worry about forgetting the them or the accuracy, It WILL get better with practice!

Remember to trust the process and have fun!! 🙂

Happy Neurons!!

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