The Link Method

Now that you have learnt how to convert basic data into images, let’s dive into the most interesting and fun part of memory sports! Creating stories!! Our brains love a good story, be it a novel, movie or an even just an experience being shared by someone. Storytelling puts the entire brain to work and makes it active. This age old technique of linking or associating pieces of data is the most basic form of retrieving information. The secret to making use of this link method like a pro memory athlete is to really use your imagination and creativity.

Memory athletes link every image to the next with an association to form a chain. Each image acts as a cue to retrieve the next image. While linking each image to the next is the main concept here, adding a striking element of association makes it more exciting and memorable.

The link method

Imagine this baby elephant sitting under a tree! Cute, right? Now imagine a baby elephant shooting trees out of his trunk! Not so cute anymore, but it is more memorable. Why? Because it is unusual and unexpected.

You have the ability to create an entire new world! At least in your brain. Be OKAY with flushing the universal theories of gravity, relativity, proportions, logic and common sense down the drain. Forget thinking outside the box and think without a box.
(Disclaimer : This strictly applies only when you are training to become a memory athlete)

Things can talk, fly, swim, dance, cry, kiss, kill and do every other action and feel emotions regardless of what they are!
Yes, Fishes can fly, Camels can swim, dogs can dance, Sofas can cry, crayons can kiss, Ants can kill and do anything else you want them to in your world!

While it’s crazy and memorable to make ridiculous associations of images, it also helps with the speed in a way. It easy and quick to make a dog dance salsa instead of beating yourself up to make a sensible association.

The master key to the Link method is visualizing and using all your senses to it! Now try linking different things, Start with two images and increase gradually.! Remember that speed comes with practice and have fun.

But wait, How can you remember so many stories?

Happy Neurons!!

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