Memorize Random Images – 10 EVENTS

The Official Indian Memory Championship is following the IAM format and the Abstract Images event is being replaced by Random Images. The task is to memorize and to recall the sequence of as many random images as possible. Each row has 5 Images and there will 10 rows per page. In the Recall sheets, the order of the images in each row is shuffled. The competitors must recall the exact order of the images that they memorized.

Random Images:

Memorization: 5 minutes

Recall: 15 minutes

Random Images


Correct row: 5
Incorrect row: -1
Blank row: 0

The stronger your visualization and link method game is, the better you will be in this event. These are random everyday images that do not need much effort to make sense off, so it all boils down to how good you are at linking images and visualizing them. There are two ideal ways to do this.

  1. Link each image to the next and move on to the next row.
    There are no journeys needed for this method. It just takes one creative story for each row. The images themselves act as a cue to retrieve the story.
  2. Link each image to the next and visualize it in a location.
    If you have trouble remembering the story or recognizing the images without an external cue, visualize the first image in a location and link it to the next image and so on.

Some athletes prefer to revise after each page while some choose to revise all the memorized images at once in the last one minute. Some athletes totally avoid it! Try and see what works better for you and keep training. The speed and accuracy keeps getting better with time.

Memocamp is a good website to train random images and other events like spoken numbers and names and faces. (This is not a sponsored post)

Happy Neurons!!!

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