Memorize Names And Faces – 10 EVENTS

Names and Faces is my most favorite event, goes without saying, right? 😉 The task is to memorize and to recall as many names as possible and link them to the corresponding face! Each face has a first name and a second name.  First and Second Names are combined entirely at random (e.g. a face may have a Chinese first name and a European surname) and are randomly assigned to faces. In the recall phase, Competitors will be given the color photographs again in the same format as the Memorization Paper but with the names removed and the pictures in a different order/page. Competitors must clearly write down the correct name (first and/or second name) under each photograph.

Names and Faces

Memorization : 5 minutes

Recall : 15 minutes


A point is awarded for every correctly spelt first name.

A point is awarded for every correctly spelt second name.

Name repeated more than 2 times: -0.5

Points are still awarded if only the first name or the surname
can be recalled.

An incorrect first name or surname scores 0 points.

Where two names are written under a face, they must be written in the correct order. If surname is written before first name, then it is considered incorrect and scores 0 points.


One can either memorize all the faces in order or choose to memorize a few based on their features or easy names. To memorize, find the most prominent feature of a face (e.g. Curly hair, green eyes, jewelry, turban etc.) and link it to the name. Most of the names have a meaning or sound similar to some other words. Sometimes, each name can be chopped into chunks.

The first thing I noticed in this picture was her hair band. Her first name Marilyn reminds me of Marilyn Monroe and Dow sounds like Dough.

So I would visualize Marilyn Monroe making a hairband with dough.

Make sure you memorize the exact spelling of the names given. When you put in the effort to make an image for something, it acts as an external stimuli for your brain to put it in the “This is important and definitely needs to recalled later” box. Do not stress on making the most creative association possible. It just needs to be something unique and unusual enough!

Some athletes prefer to revise after each page while some choose to revise all the memorized names at once in the last one minute. Try and see what works better for you..

Memocamp is a good website to train names and faces and other events like spoken numbers and random images. (This is not a sponsored post)

Happy Neurons!!

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