Memorize Random Words – 10 EVENTS

Memorizing a list of random words! Learn how to do this and you will never need a shopping list or for that matter, any list! It will all be in your head in a blink! The Indian Open Memory Championship has a 5-minute random words event. The task is to memorize as many words as possible and to recall them in sequence, given 20 words per column and 5 columns per page.

Random Words 
Memorization: 5 minutes

Recall: 15 minutesRandom words


Correct column: 20
One error in column: 10
Two errors in column: 0
Blank column: 0
Last column (all correct but incomplete): Number of the words
Last column (incomplete and with one error): Number of words divided by 2
Last column (incomplete and with two errors): 0
Spelling mistake: 0 for that word only.


The Link method and the journey method are the two pillars of this event. Each word has to be converted into an image and there is literally nothing additional that you need to do. But if there is a word that you do not know the meaning of or have trouble pronouncing, chop it into chunks and make an image for it. Remember to make the images exaggerated and dramatic. Add in all your senses and visualize the stories.

The number of words to link in a single location varies from person to person but ideally, four per location would work well. You will need five locations for 20 words.

A strong review strategy for this event is recommended as there is a possibility of jumbling up the sequence of the words. To avoid such errors, establish certain rules on the placement of the images. The first image is always on top or left and the second image is always on the right or under the first image.

Practice linking a set of words in the most creative way possible and try going faster each time without compromising the visualization. Pay attention to the spellings. Do not fret the blanks. Just analyze your associations later on and note what could have been better and keep training!

Here are some sources you can start training at – Memocamp and Art of Memory (This is not a sponsored post)

Happy Neurons!

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