Memorize Playing Cards – 10 EVENTS

Every National Standard Memory Championship, be it a one day or a two-day event, has two trials of Speed cards and Random cards events.

Speed Cards: 

Memorization time: 5  minutes

Recall time: 5 minutes


The score is calculated according to the memorization time. If all 52 cards are correct.
If less than 52 cards are correct, the score is calculated according to the number of correct cards.
The best score from the two attempts counts.

The task is to memorise an entire shuffled deck of playing cards as quickly as possible and to rearrange a fresh deck (Arranged in sequence (i.e. 2 Hearts, 3 Hearts, 4 Hearts, etc.) in the same order as the deck memorized. Speed Stacks are used as the official timers.

Random Cards:

Memorization time: 10 minutes

Recall time: 30 minutes


Correct deck: 52
One error in deck: 26
Two errors in deck: 0
Last deck (all correct but incomplete): Number of the cards
Last deck (incomplete and with one error): Number of cards divided by 2
Last deck (incomplete and with two errors): 0

The task is to memorise as many shuffled decks of cards as possible and to recall them in the same order.


Convert each card into an image using the Two-digit major system or your personalized system. If you missed the previous article that explains how it is done, Read Converting Poker Cards Into Images.

Link every two images together with the first location in your journey and move on to the next, repeating the process. The ideal number of images in a location varies from person to person. It could also be three images or four images per location. Try what works better for you and keep training.


Speed Cards: After the memorising phase, each competitor gets the second pack of cards which is in perfect order (i.e. 2 Hearts, 3 Hearts, 4 Hearts, etc) The competitor has to rearrange this second deck of cards in the same sequence as the pack just memorised. To recall, go through the each location of your journey in order and decode the images back into cards.

Random Cards: 


Competitors will be provided with Recall Papers – two decks per page. Competitors must write down the order of each deck of cards so that the value (e.g. A, 2, 3….J.Q.K) and suit (Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades) is clear for each card in each deck.

Make sure no recognition errors happen and do not skip any locations. Always follow a single direction and stick with it. Time yourself, Set an achievable target and keep pushing for it. Your timing will keep getting better with training!!

Happy Neurons!!

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  1. How Does Scoring work for Speed Cards? I mean one guy memorise all card all correct another guy memorise as well all correct but one does in 1 min and other do it in 3 min So how timing and Score is calculated in Speed Cards?

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