Memorize Historic Dates – 10 EVENTS

Some of you rare people who paid attention in history classes and memorized the dates of wars and events must be feeling happy. But unfortunately, that talent is not going to help here too. These are fictional events to make sure no one has an unjust advantage. The task is to memorise as many numerical historic dates as possible and to link them to the corresponding fictional event. 40 dates will be given per page and the total number of dates will depend on the latest world record.

Historic/Future dates

Memorization time:  5 minutes

Recall time: 15 minutes


Correct date: 1
Incorrect date: -0.5
Blank: 0


The easiest technique is to convert the dates into your major system images and link them to the event. There are two ways to do this.
1) Divide each date into two parts, convert them into images and link them to the event. This can get a bit confusing as your images from 10 – 20 will repeat. So your linking and visualizing game needs to be super strong for this to work efficiently.

  • 1611 Bacon cools on the plate
    Link 16 & 11 with Bacon.
  • 1415 puppy discovers a piglet
    Link 14 & 15 to a puppy.

2) Convert the last three digits of the year and link them together with the event. This overlapping technique helps quite a lot during the recall as each image acts as a literal clue to the next image.

  • 1611 Bacon cools on the plate
    Link 61 & 11 with Bacon.
  • 1415 puppy discovers a piglet
    Link 41 & 15 to a puppy.

You could skip 2000’s but if you do not wish to skip any date and memorize them as well, Visualize the entire story/images for that particular event happening in a location.

Make sure you are not confused between similar events or images. There might be an event with a puppy and another one with a dog, pay attention to such details. For the recall, all the events are jumbled and you need to write the corresponding years. You can start training this event in Memocamp (This is not a sponsored post) And like always, do not worry about your speed and accuracy too much. It comes with practice! Have fun!

Happy Neurons!!