Memorize Playing Cards – 10 EVENTS

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Every National Standard Memory Championship, be it a one day or a two-day event, has two trials of Speed cards and Random cards events. Speed Cards:  Memorization time: 5  minutes Recall time: 5 minutes Scoring: The score is calculated according to the memorization time. If all 52 cards are correct. If less than 52 cards are […]

Tips For Training Memory Systems

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Expecting to get quick results and break world records without willing to put in the efforts to practice the basics is like building a skyscraper without a solid foundation. Not a wise thing to do! It is impossible to get to the next level and stay consistent without mastering the basics. There is no quick fix. […]

Converting Poker Cards Into Images

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Memorizing decks of poker cards in order and recalling them is one of the most fun, interesting and intriguing events of a memory championship. The current official world record for memorizing an entire deck of cards is 16.96 seconds and I know people who are doing it in under 14 seconds already!  Isn’t that CRAZY? […]