The Link Method

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Now that you have learnt how to convert basic data into images, let’s dive into the most interesting and fun part of memory sports! Creating stories!! Our brains like a good story, be it a novel, movie or an even just an experience being shared by someone. Storytelling puts the entire brain to work and […]

Ten Events of a Memory Championship

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Every National Standard Event is a One Day Championship with ten different memory events. 1. NAMES AND FACES  Colour photographs of different people (head and shoulder shots without backgrounds) with a first name and a second name printed underneath each picture. Memorization  : 5 minutes Recall                  : […]

What are Memory Sports?

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Memory and sports together can sound a bit contradicting to our brains since they are deeply rooted to perceive memory as an inborn mental ability and sports as strictly a physical activity. But Memory sports have been a thing for a while now and they are slowly gaining their due popularity. Memory sports or the […]